What makes Ascension different in the world of content creation?




"I think our values is what makes us stand out as a content creation team. All of our values are important but I feel "Inclusion" is a KEY factor to our team. I genuinely feel that all members feel included, heard and understood. There is a certain "comfort" amongst the team members and it is very evident in our weekly meetings and monthly town halls. I think that comfort directly ties to inclusion."

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"The fact that we can voice our opinions and have an open conversation about anything. Without the fear of being dismissed. It’s the transparency and professionalism that sets us on a higher tier than any other content creation organizations."



"Ascension is built on our values which makes it an amazing space for all content creators. It is a place where creators can come to make friends, have fun, and grow. We strive to hold a close and transparent relationship with all our members and community in order to see their content and character flourish."



"We're more than just a team, what's been built on the foundation of our values has grown into a family and a tree of unconditional support. This sort of inclusion helps to foster organic and natural growth within each member's own communities as well as Ascension's community as a whole."



“I’ve never been part of an organization like this one. The people, the atmosphere, the support, the transparency, the establishment... take everything you know about gaming organizations and throw it out the window. Ascension is something completely outside of the typical box.”



"Ascension Content Creation Team is an absolute great company to be involved with. From the people, they bring on, the values they hold, and the people that work one it day in and day out. You can tell when you talk to the team, how passionate, caring, and loving all the members are. It is truly a safe space in a very uncertain segment of entertainment.

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"Ascension has a backbone of support. A solid foundation that won't collapse under pressure. Although the world of content creation is a fun and exciting space to be in, Ascension takes the behind-the-scenes work very seriously. I think we have the space to be open and honest with one another, but our desires are all organization-based and not individual. It's refreshing."



"The resources that Ascension members provide for each other and selfless acts to help build the organization are what separate us from the pack."



"Ascension provides such a sense of community without dictating how members should spend their time.  The respect, comradery, and professional accountability allow the members to grow personally and professionally in a safe environment.

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King Cole

The greatest thing about working with Ascension is their amazing leadership, talented content creators and ambitious board members. This team constantly pushes their four core values at every meeting, interview and event. Ascension has an outstanding number of board members who have been hand picked to help content creators grow, improve and flourish. Going with Ascension is an amazing opportunity to only better yourself!


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